Do you eat healthily and still suffer from digestive problems?

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Do you eat healthily and still suffer from digestive problems?

I’ve been eating really healthily for years already, 98% of the food I eat is made with wholesome, natural, non processed ingredients, and without any additives…. I also eat according to the seasons and keep in mind the energy of the food I cook. However, I’m not gonna lie, I’m gonna be very honest with you here…there are times that even eating healthily I also get super bloated, suffer from digestive disorders and have such swollen intestines that it seems that I’ve swollen a whole watermelon!!!!!. I also see this problem day after day in some people who eat healthily but still sometimes get in trouble with their digestion. Digestive disorders are very common nowadays, and the worst part of having them is not the belly swelling but the lack of energy and all the emotional and mental disorders that go along with them.

So that is why today I want to let you know all the steps I take when I have problems digestive my food. I hope it really helps you, I know that if you put into practice every single step I say here, you won’t even know what digesting is! ;). There is one thing for sure: EVERY THING WORKS IF YOU PUT IT INTO PRACTICE. Don’t expect your digestion to change just by reading this post, don’t expect loosing weight just be looking at the meal plan I send to you….IF YOU WANNA SEE ANY CHANGE YOU GOTTA TAKE ALL THE STEPS TO SUCCEED.

1.SLOW DOWN AND EAT IN A VERY RELAXED WAY: I think this is the most important piece of advice here and it is definitely the main cause in my digestive problems. Every time I’m stressed, nervous or anxious and I eat with all those feelings in my body, it is for sure that I end up having a huge swollen belly. In most occasions it is waaaaay more important the way we eat rather than what we eat. I assure you that if you eat brown rice, steamed broccoli and miso soup and do it in a stressed environment, stood up and without relaxing properly, you won’t digest absolutely anything. So, I suggest that you reserve at least half an hour of your time to just eat. A very good friend of mine always says: You can not do two things at the same time and enjoy them”….He is so right! Imagine the difference between having a snack as you do the washing and thousand of other things and preparing your snack in a plate, sit down and enjoy every single bite of it…For sure your food will nourish you so much more if you eat it in the last way. Forget about your computer and everything you have to do, just stop for a second and sit down in front of that amazing plate that is waiting for you. Chew your food and enjoy every bite, eating is a pleasure….enjoy this moment!

2. CHEW YOUR FOOD: DRINK THE FOOD AND CHEW THE LIQUIDS. This is the second most important point. We live in such a way that we don’t even have the time to chew our food. I don’t get tired of repeating it: chew, chew, chew….Why are you in such a rush? Is there anyone coming to steal your plate? Don’t misunderstand chewing with eating slow. Chewing means that your mouth is active and that you are actually mixing all your food with your saliva and breaking down all the food. When you have a bite just put the fork on your plate and chew at least 50 times. The simple fact of putting your fork down is already a huge step. Just pause, stop, breathe and CHEW. Sometimes I even take the time for lunch or dinner as a meditation. I sit down comfortably and feel the luckiest person in the world for having that in front of me, take a bite, close my eyes and chew….Very simple and so nice…nothing like eating with your five senses! I’m not saying that you should do this everyday, I’m just encouraging you to try it and notice the difference!


3. FORGET ABOUT DESSERTS: having a dessert or any fruit after your meal is the best recipe to achieve a good swollen belly and have digestive problems. Those people who have a strong digestive system are quite lucky and this fact doesn’t affect them much. However, I’m guessing that if you are reading this is because you are not part of that group. If you have digestive problems wait at least 30 minutes. It is pointless to have a very nourishing, balanced meal and then screw it up with a dessert (even if it is natural and sugar free) or a piece of fruit. Desserts and fruits contain refined sugars that are digested very quickly. When we eat them, our digestion focuses immediately on them and forget about digesting the food eaten before!. One thing is to have a dessert for a especial occasion and other thing is to have it everyday as a ritual.

Keep your natural desserts and fruits for snacks but never have them after your meal. You can, wither wait an hour or have it as an afternoon snack.

4. START YOUR MEAL BY HAVING A HOT SOUP OR BROTH: so that you have an idea, our digestive system is like a big pot where the food eaten will be cooked. If we give it a little bit of heat, all the digestive processes will be done much easier. Before having your meal start by having a hot soup or broth. If you don’t have time to do so or you eat out, just have some warm water with miso paste….you are gonna feel great!. If we have a salad as a started os something cold and raw, the temperature of the blood will decrease and the energy will be centered in bringing it up again rather than digesting the food.

5. ADD PICKLES AND OTHER FERMENTED FOODS TO YOUR MEALS: fermented foods are very important in your diet, especially if you wanna have a strong digestive system. Pickles contain huge amount of probiotic that are really beneficial to restore the intestinal flora. In Spain we’ve got olives (make sure they are not pasteurized, nor fermented in vinegar…the best ones are found in the natural food store), in Europe there is sauerkraut and in Japan there is miso and soy sauce. I have everyday a miso soup before lunch and 2 tbsp of sauerkraut for lunch and dinner. DON’T FORGET YOUR PICKLES!.

6. SOAK WHOLE GRAINS AT LEAST FOR 12 HOURS: Soaking whole grains is not really necessary, however it is a very interesting thing to do if we have digesting problems and we want to strengthen our digestion. Whole grains as well as beans contain anti-nutrients and enzymes inhibitors, however these substances can be eliminated by soaking whole grains during at least 8 hours. Although it is enough to soak them for 8 hours I think you’ll get better results if you soak them for 24!


• Don’t consume beans or legumes every day until you stregthen your digestion. If you have a hard time digesting them it is better that you go easy with them. Consume first the smallest ones, as they are the easiest to digest: lentils, azuki beans and peas are the best options. It is much better to have them in soups rather than have them as a dip, burgers or falafel…

• Don’t stuff your face with food. I think it is pretty clear what it means: just stop eating when you feel satisfied….don’t worry, you still have all your life to eat again, so don’t eat as if it were your last time!

• Make this awesome Japanese tea called  “Ume-sho-kuzu” and have it twice a day….You’ll notice the difference! 

• At the table try to let go of all your worries and just focus on your food…stop, slow down, be aware and chew….In a nutshell: when you eat, JUST EAT :D


  • Do you also struggle with digestive problems?? 
  • And….What do you do to solve them? Do you have any tips you’d like to share with the community?

As always…the most fun happens in the comments below…let me know your struggles and share them with the rest, let’s help each other to create a healthier and happier YOU!


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