If you got off the wagon: “No matter how full of shit your past is, your future is always spotless”

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If you got off the wagon: “No matter how full of shit your past is, your future is always spotless”

So you’ve gone on holidays this summer, you had a great time, you travelled, visited other countries, cultures…etc….I bet you had awesome experiences and a lot to share with everyone…and I’m sure as well that you probably have got off the wagon for a while when it comes to your diet…I don’t blame you! Who doesn’t like traveling to a new country, getting to know other cultures and taste EVERY BITE of all their TRADITIONAL DISHES??? I do!!!! And that is of course, my favorite part of traveling: getting to try all sort of new things, new tastes, textures and aromas….I always come back with sooo much inspiration and so many ideas to use on my cooking! I do love the experience, but I gotta say that I often don’t come back feeling great with my health. I usually come back home pretty bloated, with indigestion, a bit blur in my head, tired, very low on energy and usually with a couple more pounds on (not this time though! :))

So if this is YOU, if you feel tired after all the traveling, you feel unhealthy, fat…etc. and you don’t have the energy, the inspiration and the motivation to start eating healthy again, don’t worry…I’m here to help with the next steps :). And don’t forget that changing happens by taking one step at a time. One saying that I love and I often remember is:

No matter how full of shit your past is, your future is always spotless

And it is so true! It doesn’t matter how much you failed in the past, life always gives YOU the opportunity to change it if you are only aware of it. I’m gonna talk of course about food and diet, but this saying applies to anything you wanna change in your life wether it has to do with your eating habits or with your personal growth….THERE IS ALWAYS AN OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE.

And you can easily get back to eat healthy again, to feel energized, to be healthy by taking one of these steps at a time. I’m sure you will really feel the difference!

1.Start by having an early and vegetarian dinner again: I could start by pointing out something about the first meal of the day. However, believe it or not, I think that dinner is the most important meal of the day because how it influences the course of the next day! Who wakes up light, energized and hungry after having had a late, full of saturated fat dinner the night before?? When I have a heavy dinner I usually weak up feeling sluggish, slow and very heavy.   In summer we tend to have later dinners that we usually do. Here in Spain it gets dark about 10 pm, and no one is really in the mood to have dinner at 7 pm, it’s more common to find us enjoying the swimming pool and the beach around that time!!!. So, if you really wanna change and feel healthy again,  start by this step!

2. Start eating again whole grains everyday in your diet: let’s face it…it is not easy to find whole grains when you are traveling…all there is in restaurants is white rice, white bread and white pasta…Sometimes I bring rye bread with me, and I usually cook whole grains even if I’m abroad. But, always the first thing I cook when I get home is a HUGE BOWL OF SHORT BROWN RICE. And I stick with it nearly everyday!

3. Have a cup of miso soup everyday before lunch: If you feel low in energy, tired and sluggish, have a cup of miso soup everyday before having lunch. I will post a recipe on how to make a delicious miso soup soon in my blog (I can’t believe there is none so far!), but you can start by simply diluting miso paste in hot water and have it as a warm broth before your lunch. This, not only will help you to digest your food much better and strength your intestines, but also will give you that boost of energy you need ;).

4. Say goodbye to the ice creams and cut down on cold drinks: Wether you’ve been eating normal ice creams, vegan ice creams or even sugar free ones…it is time to say goodbye to them. I’m not gonna talk in this post about how harmful an ice cream full of dairy is, but eating cold, iced food all the time really weakens your kidneys: those golden blocks where your vital energy is stored!. So..you wanna have energy again? Take care of those organs by not having iced drinks and have hot drinks and hot food again.

And to start the week with the right foot I encourage you to cook this awesome azuki bean soup!

Azuki beans are the star when it comes to strengthen your kidneys!


Click in the picture to see the recipe

I wish you have a lovely summer everyone! If you have any comments, or love your wanna send…we are just one click away!

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