My 7 best tips to stop craving sugar!

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My 7 best tips to stop craving sugar!

Cakes, pastries, chocolate, nutella…I always had a major sweet tooth and I would devour any dessert or sweets that was in front of me…¿Is this familiar with you? ¿Do you wanna know how I stopped craving sugar? ¿Do you also wanna stop? Keep reading!

If this resonates with you I’ll let you know you are not alone and that you are in that huge percentage of population who, like you, live totally addictive to sugar…In case you don’t know this fact: sugar is the edible cocaine. YES, you’ve read right: it is a drug.

Some people (even doctors!) have been shocked when I’ve told them I don’t consume sugar and that everyone should avoid it. “But…our brain needs sugar to function properly!” Nope, our brain needs glucose but it does not need at all white, refined SUGAR to work well. Refined sugar is a product that doesn’t contain absolutely any nutrients, It acidifies the cellular fluids causing mineral and vitamin loss and it also weakens the immune system and causes inflammation.

If you are one of those who are constantly craving sweets, your need to eat chocolate grows to an uncontrollable point and you don’t know how to stop it, follow the next steps based on my personal experience and my clients. I promise you it works really well and you will feel free from sugar cravings!


1. STOP EATING SUGAR: I know it sounds pretty obvious, I’m picturing you now thinking: wow, you just gave me THE advice!.

However this step is totally crucial if you want to actually stop craving it! I remember when I started eating natural, plant-based foods the most difficult thing to give up was sugar. Everyday I would eat something with some sugar in it, even if it was just a square of chocolate or a cookie here and there…and I admit now that it was not until I stopped it completely for a period of about 6 months when I stopped craving it…It was such a sense of freedom! The more sugar you eat, the more sugar you crave…it is that simple!

2. EAT REGULARLY, DON’T STAY MORE THAN 4 HOURS WITHOUT EATING: what works for me is having about 5 small meals by day rather than 3 large meals. In my experience, the moments were I craved more sugar were when I was starving because I hadn’t consumed anything in the last 5 hours. Having regular meals based on natural, wholesome ingredients free from refined sugar reduces your sugar craving. If you wait for a long time between meals (more than 4 hours) your body will reach that hypoglycemic point where it will need something really sweet to bring glucose levels back up again as quick as possible.

3. REDUCE SALT IN YOUR MEALS: There is a dynamic relationship between salt and sugar. The more salt you use in your meals, the more sugar you will want, so now you know what to do: cut down on salt in your meals and substitute it (buy organic sea salt and through away table salt). Your meals should be savory as salt helps to increase the natural flavors of food, but your food should never be salty.

4. EAT WHOLE GRAINS EVERY DAY: forget about white bread, white rice, white pasta and all those processed foods made with refined grains (pastries, muffins, sandwiches…etc.). Instead eat everyday and in every meal a portion of whole grains: brown rice, millet, barley, corn, oats, rye, buckwheat, polenta, whole spelt pasta…etc. Whole grains are the best food you can eat to maintain your glucose levels balanced. When you consume whole grains on a daily basis your glucose levels won’t reach that hypoglycemic point (unless you are hours without eating) where you would need a refined sugar product.

5. HAVE PLANT BASED PROTEINS INSTEAD OF ANIMAL ONES: When I introduced a small portion of beans in my dishes I noticed quickly how satisfied I was after my meals, I felt so nourished that my body wouldn’t crave anymore the tiny square of chocolate after lunch! beans are great to balance your glucose levels and give you a great feeling of satisfaction. Having them in small quantities in your meals will decrease your sugar cravings for sure.

6. SUBSTITUTE SWEET FOR HOMEMADE NATURAL DESSERTS: Let me tell you that the fact of stop craving sugar doesn’t really happen from one day to another. It is a process that requires time, so that’s why I always recommend to have on hand homemade natural desserts for those moments when you feel like eating something sweet. When you crave sugar you can have something that is less concentrated like fruit or dried fruit: apricots, dates, raisins, dried apples…etc. (One of my favorite treats is a date stuffed with hazelnut butter..! yum!

Learn how to cook natural desserts that doesn’t contain sugar. Click here to learn how to cook some treats, they will help you so much as you stop eating sugar! You can have a small portion of those everyday as a snack.

7. EXPRESS YOUR EMOTIONS: and last but not least…you emotional body doesn’t have teeth! We tend to eat chocolate when we are sad or depressed, but this only increases the problem! Your partner is not gonna go back, or the situation is gonna improve by eating ice cream. 

Feed your emotional body with good emotional food: if you are bored, go to have a walk, paint, jump, play with your children, play a stand up comedy in youtube and have a laugh! Observe what drives you, what lights up your soul and go for it! It is so important to dedicate time to ourselves, our hobbies and the things that make us happy…!

if you are angry with someone, reflect on what’s going on inside you, express your emotions and feelings.

Also, doing some exercise  will help you look at your problems from other perspective. Join an activity that you LOVE: swimming, riding a bike, yoga, pilates, karate…whatever!

8. DON’T KEEP SWEETS AT HOME: I know I said 7 tips…but I couldn’t finish this post without adding this one which I think it’s super important! If you don’t want to eat sweets, don’t keep them at home! It’s very tempting to go to the kitchen and grab a cookie with sugar when you have a massive craving…I know your kids love nutella, the breakfast cereal coated with sugar, they love ice creams, the chocolate…but believe me, you are not making them any favor by feeding them sweets, nor you are making that favor to yourself! Try the desserts below and make sure you have at home something like that on hand instead all the crap!


1. HAVE YOU TRIED THIS AWESOME GRAIN COFFEE PUDDING??: this dessert will leave you speechless. No sugar, no dairy, no gluten…only made with natural ingredients! Click the picture and try it!.



2. ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE WHO CAN’T STOP EATING CHOCOLATE? Don’t worry, believe me…you are not alone. Buy the ingredients of the following recipe and make this dessert in those moments when you crave chocolate! Click the picture!



3. IT’S NOT THE TIPYCAL CARROT CAKE…it is a lot more. This cake is made basically with carrots! You couldn’t think of a healthier dessert really! 


4. TRY MAKING THESE BARS FOR WHEN YOU ARE OUTSIDE: it is really difficult to eat something sweet without sugar when you are out in the street. These bars are AWESOME when you are long time away from home!



If you want to live in a world free from sugar…Click, share and spread food consciousness!

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    Thank you for a great post! I loved it and shared it on my face book page. I also loved your post on what to make of left over pulp. Great idea to make healthy snacks. I have to try it.
    I think my readers ( I have a similar blog) would love if you wrote a guest post. Would you be interested?


  • Tine W
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    Thank you, Venu .. this was very inspiring :-) I really enjoy your blog. Have a lovely summer. xx Tine (Denmark)

    • Venu Sanz
      Publicado el 20:06h, 01 julio Responder

      Thank you Tine :) So glad you enjoy my blog! You too have a wonderful summer full of joy xxx!

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