Non chocolate Energetic Bars!

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Non chocolate Energetic Bars!

I made the other day these bars…it was honestly love at first bite. I went through all the process until the end without even trying a little tiny bit (I’m one of those who usually lick the last bit that remains in the bowl with the spatula when making desserts…isn’t it the best part????). Then when  I was done with all the directions I tried and I swear the first thing that came out of my mouth was an: OH MY GOD…!

That is how they are: simply amazing. 

I love that they don’t even have a drop of cocoa but still taste so much like chocolate! I love cocoa powder and use it often in desserts, however, cocoa has an stimulant effect sometimes I don’t want to have in my cooking, especially at night time or when I cook for children (If there is something I’m sure you don’t want is crazy, awaken children at 11pm. So that is why this recipe is fantastic!) They absolutely love making these sort of snacks… they can get their hands all dirty, and on top of that they taste awesome!

So…I hope you also enjoy the recipe, don’t forget to let me know in the comments below how they turned out!

Until then…keep cooking awesome, healthy, natural goodies ;)!


bars-mix crushed-nuts-and-dates


energetic-bars carob-bars


barritas-de-algarroba barritas-de-alagarroba

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2 Comentarios
  • Neula
    Publicado el 15:02h, 02 septiembre Responder

    mmm I don’t like datils but I suppose they are very good to go to the toilet.

    • Venu Sanz
      Publicado el 15:04h, 02 septiembre Responder

      You don’t notice the flavor of the dates!!! You just notice the sweetness they give…I encourage you to try it! :)

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