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So today I’ve made sort of energy balls, but not quite that. It seems that all the raw frenetic movement is being soooo big lately that all I see on social media is snacks full of nuts and dates! Don’t get me wrong, I love nuts and dates and of course, everything that involves natural, healthy, plant-based foods, however all those yummi desserts full of nuts are already driving me nuts :), and…I want something different.

I wanted to make a snack that is still delicious but not as heavy and sluggish, and this is how I’ve created these awesome balls :). The main ingredient is whole couscous (sorry for the gluten free intolerant!….I’ll post soon a gluten free version of these deliciousness!) so the snack is much lighter and still tastes really good!. I’m increasing lately the amount of whole grains I have in my diet and slightly decreasing the amount of veggies I eat… I just want to experiment with my body and see how I feel eating this way.

If there is something I’ve learnt lately is that every one of us is very different and nobody can’t tell you how you feel after following a certain diet. I, for sure, can talk for hours about the benefits of a plant-based diet and why to incorporate it in your life, but you my friend, are the best person that knows what and in which proportions works best for you. It doesn’t matter how I guide you, you are the one who knows if eating more vegetables, more grains, more raw, less raw, more gluten, less gluten…etc. works for you or not.

Anyways….all those words to say that because I’m increasing the amount of whole grains to see how I feel, I’m making more snacks with millet, brown rice, couscous…etc. and I love them! One of the examples is these great chocolate balls that I’m sure you are gonna love! I hope you all like them…and don’t forget to let me know in the comments below your thoughts about them!







If you want to see more sugar free desserts in the world…don’t be shy! Click, share and spread food consciousness!

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