Pressed salad with mango and coriander!

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Pressed salad with mango and coriander!

¿What do you think of the combination of mango and coriander? I’ve just made this awesome salad combining these two flavors and I couldn’t wait to share it with you…’cos it is just simply amazing!!

One of my favorite fresh herbs to use is fresh coriander. I remember perfectly the fist time I ate it and the disgusting sensation I felt…I think with coriander you either feel love at first bite or hate it. It was the first day I arrived to Mexico City, ready to live a one year adventure over there. I wasn’t vegetarian or interested in health at that time, so I didn’t think twice to order meaty tacos. I was super excited to tried them…however the first bite was not at all what I expected….What the hell is there inside this? There it was: coriander. I had never tried it before since it is not a herb we use in Spanish cuisine at all…we would always substitute it for parsley, the king of Spanish cuisine!

I have to say that its flavor kind of pushed me away from trying any sort of Mexican food…everything tasted like that horrible thing which I had no idea what it was. But that is how it is with the palate, ain’t it? You just have to eat the same thing over and over again and I assure you that you will end up loving anything you think you hate…and that’s how it was for me with coriander…Now I love it and I use it in a lot of different dishes in my cuisine, especially if I’m cooking an Indian, Mexican or Thai dish…and why not throwing it in Spanish dishes as well ;)???

And about mango…well It was kind of the same thing! I think I had never tried it before going to Mexico, and even though I found its flavor very strange, It didn’t take long to fall in love with it!

I’ve been recently to India, tropical country where of course, there is an abundance of tropical fruits. I tend to cook mostly with local foods and the reason is simply: nature is wise and it grows whatever is good for the beings living in that place. That’s why buckwheat, a very warming grain, grows mainly in cold countries like Russia, and tropical fruits, which are very cooling, grow in countries where the heat is unbearable…However even if you lived in Rio de Janeiro I wouldn’t recommend stuffing your face with mangos (it can cool down your energy too much), and If you live in Europe, once in a while is ok (in this super salad for example) but I wouldn’t advice to eat a mango a day!

Ok…so I here it comes this recipe which I know you’ll enjoy wherever you are or live! Yum Yum!


INGREDIENTS (for 4 people)

White cabbage: 1/2 small

Cucumber: 1/2 big one, cut in thin slices

Small red onion: 1/2, chopped in small dubes

Small tomato: 1, chopped in small cubes

Mango: 1, diced

Juice of 1 lime

Fresh coriander, chopped thinly: 1 tsp

Olive oil to taste

Salt: pinch

Black pepper: a little just to taste


1. Cut the cabbage in half and slice it as thin as you can. You can do it with the help of a mandolin. Cut the cucumber in thin slices as well and mix it in a big bowl with the cabbage and salt. Crush the vegetables with your hands until the water from the vegetables comes out (see above picture) and the veggies reduce its volume. Place a small dish on top and then a heavy weight (I’ve put a 5 l bottle of water) and press the salad for about 2 hours until all the water comes out. Afterwards squeeze the vegetables with your hands to get rid of the water.

2. Chop the onion in small dices, add salt and press with your hands. Let the onion marinade in salt for about an hour. This helps to digest raw onions.

3. Mix in a bowl pressed cabbage and cucumber, onions, tomato, fresh coriander, lime juice, a bit of black pepper and olive oil to taste.

4. Enjoy fully every bite of this crunchy salad!

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